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Fox eyes and Brow lifts with Contour Couture

Fox Eyes & Brow Lift 

The hottest trend right now is the fox eye and brow lift treatment which we can provide in all of the Contour Couture clinics. The look described as the ‘fox eye’ also known as the 'cat eye' or ‘designer eye’ - involves a cosmetic treatment which simultaneously lifts the brows and outer corners of the eyes, which helps elongate the eyes into a more almond looking shape and looks flattering with or without makeup. Not only that, it also creates an openness and focus on the eyes that few other treatments do.

Our clients love that such an outcome can now be achieved in around 30 minutes, when previously surgery was the only option. 

Who is the fox eye / brow lift treatment for?

The treatment is very popular across a range of people - from young Instagram influencers wanting the latest aesthetics to look like super models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, to older women looking for a reasonably priced option to combat hooded eyes.

What is involved in the fox eye / brow lift treatment?

To create fox eyes, first of all we inject a local anesthesia to numb the area. This takes five minutes. Then we insert PDO threads using a small cannula (blunted needle). These are dissolvable threads, which are inserted under the skin and pulled to lift and stretch the corner of the upper eyelid back towards the temples to create a more almond shape while simultaneously raising the brow tail. Aside from lifting the skin, the thread also stimulates the body’s healing process and initiates collagen production to the treated areas. Results are instant, which is always appealing to clients, and last anywhere between 6-12 months, depending on the body’s natural metabolism.

What’s the Down time for the treatment

The suture will dissolve overtime with minimal side effects. A client can expect some mild bruising, swelling, and/or aches for one to two weeks. The skin then folds and needle mark will fully heal over 3-10days leaving behind a natural lift. 



Fox eyes / brow lift £360

Fox eyes & brow lift £595

Fox eyes or brow lift & lips £460


Other packages with filler

Fox eyes or brow lift, lips & cheeks or jawline £685

Fox eyes or brow lift, lips, cheeks & jawline £890

Fox eyes & brow lift & lips     £595

Fox eyes & brow lift, lips & cheeks or jawline £820

Fox eyes & brow lift, lips, cheeks & jawline £995

Interest-Free Payment Plan


We are able to provide an interest-free payment plan, subject to approval, on any of our services over £150.

You pay 25% of the price when you book then the balance is spread equally over 6 weeks with the first payment on the day of the treatment.

More details on the booking page - just add your chosen treatment and select the Interest-Free Payment option too

Why Contour Couture?



Our practitioners are all experts in their chosen beauty treatments; dedicated full-time professionals who have carried out 1000s of treatments.



All our clinics’ practitioners have the appropriate insurance necessary to carry out our treatments, giving you peace of mind that you are always in safe hands.



All our practitioners are fully qualified in all the treatments they provide and ensure to provide high-quality results in a safe and minimally invasive way. They have extensive and continual training in advanced techniques to ensure you get the results you deserve.



Whether this is your first time with us or you’re trying something new, we’ll always offer advice & guidance to ensure you feel at ease whilst providing the treatment that’s right for you.

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