My First PRP Facial Experience

Before your PRP Facial

  • Ensure you’re well hydrated prior to the PRP Facial treatment to make your veins are more accessible. If on the day of the treatment your veins can't be located, we will not be able to continue with the treatment

  • If you tend to suffer from bruising quite easily, we recommend you take Arnica Montana tablets prior to the treatment as well as in the following.  

Your pre-treatment consultation with your practitioner who will be carrying out the treatment is very important. Take your time and discuss:

  •  Your needs and expectations

  •  Treatment options and related products

  •  Your medical history

During your treatment

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PRP Facial treatment is a three stage process:

  • The first stage is to apply an anaesthetic cream to the face. This is to reduce any discomfort during the micro needling. The anaesthetic cream takes approximately 20 minutes to take effect, hence why we prefer application at the start of the appointment. Once this is complete we take two small test tubes (totalling 12ml) of your blood which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red and white blood cells. The rich plasma is then drawn up into a syringe, ready to use.

  • The next stage is the micro needling process, whereby using a 0.5mm needling pen we treat the face. Micro needling the area does two distinct things. Firstly, it kickstarts what is known as the healing cascade, whereby the skin is forced into replenishing itself, producing new healthy collagen. Secondly, the treatment makes the skin more porous ensuring that the PRP soaks into the skin.

  • The final stage sees the PRP soaked into the skin on the face and neck. This is done by gently applying the PRP onto the skin from the syringe. If you would like to have the PRP injected into specific areas such as fine to medium lines, this is also offered as part of the treatment.   

After your Treatment

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On the day of the treatment:

  • We recommend for the best results to keep the plasma on all day and preferably over night. The plasma is colourless and odourless, so this shouldn’t cause any discomfort. For optimum results do not use water on your face for 8-12 hours following the facial. Sometimes your skin may feel hot following micro needling but this will very often subside over the next 24 hours.

The next day:

  • The next morning the plasma ‘crust’ can be wiped off with something like Petroleum Jelly (to remove the plasma) and then the face can be wiped with a mild cleansing wipe (like a baby wipe).  The underlying skin may look pink/ red in colour due to the micro needling and the skin will feel tight from the PRP Facial but this will improve on application of the Vaseline. The skin will heal rapidly and will be back to normal, with a younger looks and feel within 24-48 hours following the treatment. We also recommend a good quality SPF50 sunblock to be applied for the next couple of days, with preferably, mineral make up if make up is applied ensuring that all your sponges and brushes are clean.

  • If there is a bruise at the phlebotomy site, it may last between 5-10 days and then disappear completely.


There are no side effects from the PRP Facial (as only your own plasma is used) however if there is any discomfort from the needling pain killers can be taken. Avoid  anti-inflamatory tablets for the first 2-3 days as this can increase bleeding and in turn bruising. We also recommend Arnica Montana to alleviate bruising, if you are suffering from this.

Post Treatment Recommendations

For 3 days post injection:

  • No alcohol

  • No intensive sports

For 15 days following your injection:

  • No dental treatments

  • No sun exposure

  • No extreme temperatures