Managing our appointments through extended lockdown

Some good news coupled with the not so good...


The recent announcement to delay the opening of close contact services came as a huge disappointment to all our customers who were due to come in the next day and the following two weeks. It was also a massive disappointment to us and our amazing practitioners who were really excited to get back to work and make their beautiful customers look and feel amazing after months of lockdown.

Whilst we hope that we get the chance to re-start in two weeks' time, the delay is going to affect all our customers as all clinics were completely fully booked for the whole of August and part of September.

In order to treat everyone as fairly as possible and ensure all our customers who have been booked the longest with us get treated first, we are going to have to move all our customers to a date two weeks later than their current appointment date. We will start to do this asap and you will start to see an updated appointment come through over the course of the next week.

We will be unable to contact each person individually because of the sheer volume of appointments and our limited staff, however, you can check your booking here. The booking will be updated by Friday 7th at the latest.

Where customers have important dates such as holidays and weddings to attend and the new date is an issue, we ask you to get in touch directly on email and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note, we will ask for a copy of the invite/booking so that we can manage this effectively so please don't be offended when asked.

We really hope to see you all soon and we don't get any further delays in opening - under the unfortunate circumstances if this gets extended, we will follow the same process.

We miss all of our beautiful customers and are really grateful for your understanding in these difficult circumstances and the good news.....

To say thank you for your continued patience and loyalty - all our customer's who were booked in for a filler treatment before the announcement to delay our opening on July 31st will receive a £20 voucher after their treatment that can be used the next time you visit for your top up or any other filler treatment you may want. Also, if you give us a Google review there and then, we will give you one of our Arnica new lip balms which help with the swelling (if you have had lip fillers). These are normally £5.  

With love from all of us at Contour Couture


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