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Your Dermal Filler Practitioner - questions to ask to make the right choice

Contour Couture is one the leading dermal filler treatment providers in the South West - we run clinics in Bristol, Swindon, Taunton, Bath and Cheltenham. We only employee the best and highly trained advance practitioner and achieve incredible results for our customers. Outline below are some key things to consider when choosing your dermal filler practitioner for your next treatment

How do I choose a dermal filler practitioner?

It’s so important to make the right choice of practitioner for any dermal filler treatments, whether that's for lip fillers to enhance your volume or dermal fillers to enhance your cheeks and jawline because they are going to be making changes to your face and unlike any other part of your body, you generally can’t hide it away for the next 6-9 months while the problem slowly disappears.

There are some key things you should check before letting someone carry out any dermal filler treatments on your face, these are:

Are they an expert in their field?

Too many practitioners treat fillers as a secondary income where their primary role and 9 – 5 job is something else – the issue with this is that dermal fillers are an aesthetic treatment that needs constant practice to maintain excellent standards. Your practitioner should be carrying out at least 100 dermal filler treatments a month to be considered an expert and worthy of carrying out treatment for you so make sure you chose a practitioner who’s primary focus is dermal filler aesthetics.

Are you able to see their results?

It’s so important to be able to see existing customer results. These shouldn’t just be a couple of pictures on a website or Facebook page, they should be ever evolving and updated on a regular basis as more customers come through the door. If you’re not seeing this they’re either not seeing enough people so will not be an expert in this field because it’s either a secondary income or they’re simply not getting enough customers to demonstrate any sort of track record.

Can you see what their customer’s say about them?

There’s nothing better than customer testimonials – if customers are saying great things then they are doing a good job. Look at their web page, Facebook page, Instagram Feeds and Google reviews to see what’s being said. If there’s none or just a handful then maybe stay away.

How long do they take on the treatment?

In order to carry out a thorough consultation, ensure any numbing cream has taken effect and carry out the treatment, it will take between 45-60 mins. Anyone doing it quicker than this is not giving the care and attention you need and deserve. There are lots of practitioner’s out there who treat their customers like they are on a conveyor belt and rush the treatment leaving excessive bruising and quite often unsatisfactory results to the areas being treated.

Are they insured for the treatments they carry out?

This is so important to check – if they can’t provide proof of insurance, just stay away. They’re either not trained properly or not good enough for an insurance company to underwrite them. In reality, if they are good, the insurance should never come into play but it is peace of mind if something does go wrong.

Can they manage if something does go wrong?

On very rare occasions, someone could have an immediate allergic reaction to dermal fillers, in all the customer’s we have seen, this has not happened but if it does, you must check that the practitioner can deal with this. The worst case scenario is anaphylactic shock – it’s easy to resolve if you have an adrenaline boost through an Epi pen and secondary to this, is if your lips react badly to the filler, this can also easily be resolved through dissolve the fillers. Whilst these are simple methods, not all practitioners are trained to deliver this.



Typically, you see Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Beauty therapists providing dermal filler treatments and with all of these, you will find some good, bad and some plain ugly. So long as they can satisfy the above criteria, any one can be as good as another but if, for example, a doctor spends most of their time being a GP or a Beauty Therapist carrying out microblading then it is probably best to stay away because they won’t be an expert in this field.

At Contour Couture, we can satisfy all of the above and are proud of the work we do with our customers and our customer’s love what we do to. We take our time to make sure your results are amazing – it’s so important, satisfied customer’s come back and all our customer’s come back to us. Our reputation also precedes us as we not only get lots of customers in our primary areas of Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cheltenham, Taunton and surrounding areas, we are getting satisfied customers travelling as far afield as London, South Wales, Brighton and even Germany which is a testament to the quality of work our practitioners provide.

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