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As one of the best aesthetic practitioners in the UK, Contour Couture offers customers a wide range of different treatments for both Cosmetic changes and Anti-ageing treatments at very competitive prices. And for those who want more than one thing doing at a time we offer some incredible packages.Our goal is to make sure you get VIP treatment so you walk out as the best version of yourself. Book today and treat yourself to any one of our fantastic Aesthetic services!

Please note, we do not treat under 18's or anyone who is pregnant.

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NOTE: All treatments have a 20% deposit  which is due at the time of booking. 48 hrs notice required for cancellation and deposit refund.

Treatments & Pricing


Lip Fillers (0.5ml) £145

Lip Fillers (1ml) £175

Lip Fillers (1.5ml) £250

Jawline (2ml) £300

Cheeks (2ml) £300

Nose (1ml) £250

Chin (1ml) £200

Tear Troughs £295

Facial Lines (1ml) £175

(Marionette, Nasolabial etc)

Lip Fillers 3x Friends £150 each

2ml package £300

3ml Package £400

4ml Package £495

5ml Package £580

Other treatments

Profhilo - 1x treatment £300

Profhilo - 2x treatments £550

WOW Ultimate £225

WOW Boost £150

$Million £150

PRP Facial £175

Vitamin B12 (click link to see)

Fat Dissolving (click link to see)

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