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Comprehensive Facial Skin Consultation & Analysis at Contour Couture's Swindon Clinic

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Regardless of your facial skin conditions and issues, we can help you here at Contour Couture.


We have a range of treatments to address all conditions, whether that's signs of ageing, lines and wrinkles, jowls, acne, skin laxity, skin dehydration, enlarged pores, thread veins to name but a few, we have a comprehensive set of treatments to address all of these and more. 

We know these issues can affect confidence in yourself so let's get you back on the road to being your most confident self by giving you a free no-obligation facial skin assessment using the latest most accurate technology in the marketplace. 

What is our face skin consultation approach?

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Firstly, we will look to understand your concerns and what outcomes you would like to see then, using our facial scanner, we will carry out a comprehensive analysis of your skin: age, pigmentation levels, spots, wrinkles, skin texture, UV spots, brown spots, red areas, and porphyrins

Our system then uses the world’s largest skin feature database to provide a percentile scoring and grade your skin relative to others of the same age and skin type.

If you’re brave enough, we will also use our Face Predict feature that automatically generates an image of your face as it would look in 10 years’ time without a skin care regime.

How it works

Our Visage face scanner utilises a 26 million pixel camera to provide the most accurate results in the industry. We take 3 images at 3 set angles to create a stunning view of results from all angles.

The high-grade camera quality not only allows us to view surface indications but shows areas of porphyrins, bacteria in the pores, at a microscopic level which also allow us to prescribe preventative treatments before the bacteria causes spots on the skin's surface.

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Our recommendations

Once we have carried out the scan of your face, we will provide you with an overview of our recommendations in terms of a treatment plan.

We will then provide you with a document that summarises the consultation; outlines the treatment plan & details of the costs of the approach and a breakdown of the different payment options.

Please note, there is no-obligation to move forward with the treatment plan after the consultation so why not book your no-obligation free consultation now on the button below: 


"As always professional, friendly and calming."
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"My skin just felt amazing afterwards - absolutely love the treatment."
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Why Choose Contour Couture?



Our practitioners are all experts in their chosen beauty treatments; dedicated full-time professionals who have carried out 1000s of treatments.



All our clinics  practitioners have the appropriate insurance necessary to carry out our treatments, giving you peace of mind that you are always in safe hands.



All our practitioners are fully qualified in all the treatments they provide and ensure to provide highly quality results in a safe and minimally invasive way. They have extensive and continual training in advanced techniques to ensure you get the results you deserve.



Whether this is your first time with us or you’re trying something new, we’ll always offer advice & guidance to ensure you feel at ease whilst providing the treatment that’s right for you. 

Increase that confidence in yourself


Whatever your skin concerns are, we can help you here at contour couture

At Contour Couture, our team of practitioners have years of experience in providing safe, professional treatments to an exceptional standard; performing thousands of treatments for thousands of happy customers throughout the South of England.

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