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Our Natural Facial Contouring Filler Treatments

Refresh & create the very best version of yourself this year with amazing facial contouring treatments, designed to re-invigorate and transform the way you look from Contour Couture. 


"As always professional, friendly and calming."
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"Very happy as per usual! Treatment was pretty painless and the salon is looking beautiful."
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Jawline definition

If you are unhappy with your jawline because of a receding/weak chin or you wish to create the look of a stronger jaw, carefully placed filler injections can create the desired look. Dermal fillers help anyone who wants to reshape, contour, and tighten the look of their jawline without surgery and its associated costs and recovery time. 

Price: £300 a treatment (2ml)
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Cheek Contouring

Adding volume to the cheeks can give both a chiseled or anti ageing effect depending on the placement. Cheek contouring on the cheek bone gives a beautiful striking effect which provides high cheek bones and angular structure.
Equally to mitigate an ageing look filler can be placed in the cheeks to restore youthful fullness to the face. In addition this placement also pulls up the face reducing nasolabial folds.

Price: £300 a treatment (2ml)
Chin Definition

If you have a weak chin you may benefit from a non-invasive chin augmentation using fillers. Contour Couture will use natural fillers to sculpt, shape, and enhance and improve the appearance of a receding chin

Price: £200 a treatment (2ml)
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Tear Troughs

If you are suffering with dark circles (bags) under your eyes, whether they are in hollows or even raised, we can use dermal fillers to remove these restoring lighter smoother skin. It is important to note, to get this effect, we may need to treat you in 2 sessions and due to the sensitivity of the area, there is potential for bruising after the treatment so it maybe sensible to ensure you have no key events post treatment.

Price: £295 a treatment (1ml)

Pricing Summary


Cheeks (2ml)             £300

Jawline (2ml)             £300

Tear Troughs (1ml)    £295

Chin (1ml)                  £200

If more than one treatment needed, including lips, we have some excellent package pricing. The package prices outlined are the most cost effective way to book for multiple areas.



1ml      £185

2ml      £300

3ml      £400

4ml      £495

5ml      £580

Note: Tear Troughs have an additional cost of £150

Other prices are available under the booking page and interest free payments plan's available

I was always insecure about my weak chin but now I've had the treatment at Contour Couture, I can't believe the transformation. It's made me feel so much more confident

I've now had my third treatment and I can't believe the results. The best thing is all the compliments my friends give about how good I look. Thank you

Great experience, love the results. My jawline just looks amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to beat the dreaded ageing process

Our Beautiful Customers

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Why Choose Contour Couture?


Our practitioners are all experts in their chosen beauty treatments; dedicated full-time professionals who have carried out 1000s of treatments.



All our clinics  practitioners have the appropriate insurance necessary to carry out our treatments, giving you peace of mind that you are always in safe hands.



All our practitioners are fully qualified in all the treatments they provide and ensure to provide highly quality results in a safe and minimally invasive way. They have extensive and continual training in advanced techniques to ensure you get the results you deserve.



Whether this is your first time with us or you’re trying something new, we’ll always offer advice & guidance to ensure you feel at ease whilst providing the treatment that’s right for you. 

Frequently asked questions

How does jawline filler work?

Jawline filler is done by making a small incision in your skin by a needle, this is to make an entry point for the canula that then passes through the skin. The canula is then used to pass through the entry point to the areas beneath the skin. This method has a lot more advantages then a needle. There’s not a lot of bruising or swelling and unlike a needle a canula can bend making it perfect to get that really effective line, it is also pain free.

How old do you have to be to get filler at Contour Couture?

We have a strict policy of 18+. We don’t accept anyone under the age of 18. We may ask for your I.D upon treatment. We are often asked if we can do filler with parental consent, we DON’T do this

Does getting filler hurt?

This question is difficult to answer because pain varies in each individual. In general, most clients say it’s a bit uncomfortable however bearable. The procedure goes very quickly and only takes roughly 10 minutes to get the treatment done and here at Contour Couture we want you to feel as relaxed and calm as possible, it should be a joyful experience. If your worried about getting a canula its pain free you don’t feel a thing. We always use a topical anaesthetic (numbing cream) before and the filler itself contains Lidocaine which also numbs the area within. We don’t use dental blocks as it numbs the area too much making your natural lips fall a different way so once the numbness has worn off, they could look out of proportioned and a lot harder to fill.

How long does filler last – I’ve heard it’s 6-9 months?

Everyone is different and it varies depending on your metabolism and lifestyle. People who drink water and are healthier the filler will last longer however if you have a fast metabolism it will breakdown faster depending where you have had it done on your face. Your lips go down the quickest and they usually last between 4-7 months. Cheeks and facial lines 6-9 months. Jawline/nose/tear trough 9-12 months. If you use sunbeds or smoke or drink alcohol that can speed up the process of your filler breaking down quicker. We recommend for the plumpest lips drink plenty of water and look after yourself.

What’s the best filler?

That’s really a very difficult question to answer – we use different types of filler for different treatments because they are better than others for a particular treatment. There are a lot of new fillers popping up in the market place at the moment. We just wouldn’t go near these because they haven’t managed the test of time – I’m sure some will be very good but it is always concerning when the cost of the filler is almost half of the known highly reputable companies. We only use filler that has been around for a long time and has the reputation of being an excellent brand. Typically our choices are Intraline, Revolax, Juvederm & Teosyal. That’s not to say there aren’t other great fillers but these are the ones we trust.

What happens if I really don’t like the look?

Always ensure you are getting non-permanent fillers for your lips – they naturally degrade over time but also, if you are extremely unhappy, you can get them dissolved so the filler is removed completely – not all practitioners are qualified to do this so it’s another important check when you’re choosing someone as a just in case scenario.

What’s the difference between a needle and a canula?

A canula is a blunt ended needle, it’s the safest way for a non-surgical procedure. It enters the skin by a simple puncture made by the needle. This will give little bruising and swelling. A needle has a sharper end and is used for lips to get you that perfect pout.

Do you use a Needle or Canula?

We use both a needle and a canula. The Canula is used for most of our treatments apart from lips. Lips require more precision which is why we use a needle. Some areas will require a needle and canula work but this will be discussed before your treatment takes place. Tear Trough is only used with a canula to get the best results.

What can go wrong?

There are some very scary things that can go wrong if you are exceptionally unlucky but these get highlighted in your consent form but sadly there are other more frequent issues that we see when customers come to us for advice after being disappointed with their treatment: 1. Lumpy lips – this is usually due to poor placement of the filler, however, if you are taking medication such as Roacutine this also causes lumpy lip fillers – we won’t treat someone if they are on this medication 2. Now the swelling has gone, it doesn’t look like there’s any filler. This is quite a common issue – it’s caused by the practitioner injecting the filler too deep so it just doesn’t show very much. Good practitioners will always inject to the right depth to give the maximum effect with the volume of filler used 3. Lips appear white where the filler went in – this is the opposite to the above – the filler has been put in too shallow. It’s a really fine balancing act to get it just right. 4. The filler migrates beyond the lip line. This can because if there’s too much filler put into the lips or just bad placement. It really isn’t a good look 5. Duck lips – nobody wants these but so often we see people who end up with this look – it’s just bad placement of filler and inexperience 6. Lips are not balanced or even – once again this is normally due to more filler going in one side than the other. These are only a few of the things that can go wrong but pick the right practitioner who is highly experienced and you are unlikely to experience any of the above. That isn’t to say even the best are perfect every time – mistakes can happen, they are few and far between but then you want to use a practitioner that will sort out any minor issues quickly and effectively.

How do you spot a newbie filler practitioner?

Firstly, look at their profiles on social media. How long has the account been open? How many followers do they have? How many fillers before and after pictures are there. Does the same content repeat itself over and over – albeit at a slightly different angle? Someone who has the experience and is good at their work will have an extensive array of filler before and after pictures. The content will be changing constantly with fresh new images on a daily basis and the results will look great with a range of different looks – whether it is natural, fuller, rebalanced etc. Check out their availability – if they have appointments today, tomorrow or any other time that easily fits in with your availability; they either have very few customers because they are new to the role or even worse, just not very good. Check out their pricing, does it feel too cheap/ too expensive? Finally, do they offer the full range of treatments – is tear trough and nose an option? Typically you need to have a lot more experience to qualify in these treatments. This also goes for advanced training – ask if they have done any advanced training and who with – most advanced lip training courses need the practitioners to have done at least 150 previous treatments. All of the practitioners at Contour Couture have advanced training across all filler treatments. We have medics and non-medics working for us – we don’t discriminate, the key for us is that they are experts in their field and at Contour Couture all they do for their full-time employment is aesthetic treatments of which 90% is dermal filler related.

Why should I pay more when I can see there's someone much cheaper down the road?

Pay for the skill, not the ml. As important as the price will be, it’s more important to remember that you only have one face and need to look after it well. While this doesn’t mean that paying the most will give the best result, it does mean that if a practitioner is cheap then they are often cheap for a reason. Various factors will determine why people charge the rate that they charge and some of these are as follows: Training costs – for a practitioner there is also a minefield of training. Some places, depending on the practitioner’s background, will qualify the person in just one day with the only injecting practice on 1 model. These courses then enable practitioners to start out and start practicing on anyone. Other courses which are usually more costly have a long theoretical and practical training with plenty of models to then have supervised practical on. Additionally, the basic courses will only teach 1 or 2 lip techniques meaning that the practitioner will have a one size fits all approach which can often result in a treatment that doesn’t suit your shape of lip. A good practitioner is one who invests in their training and continues it throughout their career. In our business, we are passionate about investing in the best training and then doing masterclasses every year to keep up with all the new knowledge and to stay ahead of the game. This, however, has a cost as it improves a skill, so this improved skill may result in a higher charge. Complications knowledge – Another element of training yet one that doesn’t often get included as part of the qualification into injectables is training in anatomy and complication management. Treatments with injectables carry a level of risk and its vital that your practitioner knows how to spot an issue and then has all the tools and support system in order to resolve it. This is costly training and costly but crucial kit to have. Finding a practitioner who values your safety enough to invest in this is important. Experience – everyone has to start somewhere so you’ll often find a practitioner who is building their portfolio will charge less to gain experience. These practitioners can go on to become fantastic in the future but a limited experience at the start can leave models/ early clients with issues such as lumps, unevenness, migration etc. These issues can only be resolved by dissolving the area and so the cheap treatment can quickly become very expensive. Set up – giving client’s the best customer service from answering questions pre-booking, right through to aftercare is expensive in terms of time and set up. The best all-round experience requires people and systems both of which are costly, so if having great customer service is important to you then it will likely cost a fraction more. Other costs to consider but may not have a direct correlation to skill but are still important to know are: Insurance – scarily not all practitioners out there are insured which means that in an unfortunate instance where something could go wrong, you wouldn’t be able to claim. Insurance is expensive so if a practitioner is suspiciously cheap you need to consider whether they are insured (and qualified). Waste – Injectable waste requires specialist disposal which incurs additional costs. It is illegal to simply put the waste in the ordinary bin given the sharps and infectious nature of the waste. High-quality product – It’s important that the fillers being used for your treatment are both CE marked and MHRA approved. Unfortunately, there are more and more fillers coming from the black market which could be very harmful so always ensure that they are licensed for use in the UK. Some practitioners only use FDA approved products but this is not important for the UK market as the FDA is a US organisation and both CE and MHRA take precedent. Most practitioners who get trained treat fillers as their part-time role – so most of the time, they are doing another job – whether that’s being a GP, an A&E nurse or a beautician carrying out brows and lashes.

Why is tear trough filler so much more for 1ml?

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the treatment is done over 2 appointments. The tear trough area is very sensitive and you have to ensure you don't overfill the area so it is important to be extra cautious on the first appointment and err on the side od caution. It is also an extremely advanced technique and requires specialist training to carry out the treatment and finally, you need to use a specialist filler that is specific to this treatment which is more expensive.

Choose Contour Couture, choose non-permanent, high-quality natural fillers from your leading filler aesthetic specialists.

At Contour Couture, our team of practitioners have years of experience in providing safe, professional beauty treatments to an exceptional standard; performing thousands of treatments for thousands of happy customers throughout the South of England.

We require a 25% no refundable deposit at the time of booking to secure your appointment, payable online. For cancellations, deposits will be held as a credit on account to be redeemed against future bookings for 6 months after which point it will be forfeit. Cancellation needs a minimum of 7 days notice any cancellations within this period will be charged as a cancellation fee.

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