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Look and feel your very best 

With fuller, natural-looking lips and facial contouring from Contour Couture; Cheltenham's leading filler specialists.


Always a great service. Would highly recommend!! Each time I come for a top up on my lip filler, I am super impressed and so happy with the results.

Gabrielle | Sept 19

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At Contour Couture we only provide lip filler treatments using non permanent, high quality natural fillers.

 We have carried out thousands of lip filler treatments and as you can see, the results speak for themselves. ​


If it's your first time or you're looking for a change of practitioner, we are confident you have come to the right place. We offer a service second to none. 

We will give you....


1,000s of filler treatments and satisfied customers


100% customer 5 STAR reviews


Micro-droplet, Russian, Natural & Tenting we are experts in all the lip techniques


We take the time to understand what you want because we want you to look fabulous

Leading filler specialists in Cheltenham

We have two of the most sought after practitioners in Cheltenham & South West - Mimi Thomas. Mimi is exceptionally experienced in all filler treatments and always make sure her customers look amazing. As well as lips, Mimi can do all your filler requirements - Jawline, Cheeks, Chin and Tear Troughs - having advanced training in all of these areas.

We would love to see you as one of our customers, we know you would be delighted but whatever choice you make, remember, your lips are one of the first things people notice, don't take any unnecessary risks. Make sure you make the right choice and check they are the following:


Make sure your practitioner has all the proper qualifications - you'll be surprised how many don't!


Check they have insurance - anyone sufficiently qualified will


If their main role is something else, they are not experts - it doesn't matter how qualified they may seem


Make sure they have plenty of recent photos of their work & videos - if they don't they're unlikely to be experts

At Contour Couture, we are all of the above and are happy to share our certificates with you. This is the only role we do so you know that we aren't busy with another career by day. We also don't do lots of different treatments like SMPU or lashes; we provide filler and aesthetic treatments only and we do 1000's of these every year and ensure to put lots of our work on social media to so you can see the types of results you can expect.

Lip Filler Prices

0.5ml: £145

1.0ml: £175

1.5ml: £250

Face Filler Prices


Cheeks (2ml): £300

Jawline (2ml): £300

Chin (1ml): £200

Tear Troughs (1ml): £295

Not quite sure what you would like and want a Free Consultation - click on the following link to send us a message and we will get in touch an arrange to speak to you

Filler Packages


The 3 friends lip package

Perfect for those big social events or anyone who enjoys sharing your beauty treatments with your closest friends, we offer a special ‘3 friends’ package - where you and 2 friends are welcomed to the salon during one appointment for 1ml of lip filler each; helping you all get ready for your big day (or night!).

Multi-Treatment Packages

If you want to combine your lips with adding some volume around your cheeks or creating that beautiful jawline whilst removing the dark circles under your eyes, you can do this with our simple package pricing

2ml package: £300

3ml package: £400

4ml package: £495

5ml package: £580

Typical volume per treatment:

1ml: Lips, Chin, Nose, Tear Troughs, Perioral (smokers Lines)

2ml: Jawline & Cheeks

1ml-2ml: Facial lines such as Marionette & Nasolabial


If Nose required prices increase by £75

If tear troughs required prices increase by £150

Lip Filler Techniques

For you lips you need to find a practitioner that knows all of the latest techniques. No two set of lips are the same so if you go for a one size fits all practitioner, most of the time you will not get the results you really want. At Contour Couture, all of our practitioners have been on advanced lip technique training and can carry out all of the latest techniques.


Subtle but noticeable enhancement giving you a little more volume and shape along your existing lip line

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Perfect if you are looking for those big, high impact full volume results

photo grid 3_edited.jpg


Ideal for small or thin lips to ensure you get a beautiful result and avoid those dreaded 'duck lips'

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Used if you want to uplift your lips to give a beautiful larger surface area to top and bottom lip

✨Lips lips lips✨.jpg

Face Filler


If you have a receding/weak chin or you wish to create the look of a stronger jaw, carefully placed filler injections can create the desired look. Dermal fillers help anyone who wants to reshape, contour, and tighten the look of their jawline without surgery and its associated costs and recovery time. 

✨ Jawline & cheeks✨ Adding definition an


Adding volume to the cheeks can give both a chiseled or anti ageing effect depending on the placement.
Cheek contouring on the cheek bone gives a beautiful striking effect which provides high cheek bones and angular structure.

✨Defining those cheekbones✨ Cheek filler

Tear Troughs

If you are suffering with dark circles (bags) under your eyes, whether they are in hollows or even raised, we can use dermal fillers to remove these restoring lighter smoother skin.

✨Tear troughs✨ Client’s own before and a


If you have a weak chin you may benefit from a non-invasive chin augmentation using fillers. Contour Couture will use natural fillers to sculpt, shape, and enhance and improve the appearance of a receding chin


About Mimi

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Mimi Thomas is the owner and founder of Contour Couture. She is a true expert in the field of dermal fillers and one of the most sought-after practitioners in the South West. Customers travel significant distances to be treated by Mimi with some coming from as far as Bournemouth, Brighton, Essex, London and even flying in from Hamburg in Germany which demonstrates the skill and trust that individuals put in Mimi for their treatments. She has treated thousands of customers since the inception of the business and loves to make all of her customers look absolutely fabulous and give them the results they desire. Mimi graduated from one of the top 3 universities in the country, UCL, in 2007 and has since completed qualifications in phlebotomy, anatomy, physiology, pathologies and advanced filler courses. She believes that in order to be seen as the best in your field of expertise, you need to continue to develop and learn, so invests heavily every year in her own, and all of the practitioners in her team’s, personal development in the field of aesthetics.

Top reasons to have lip enhancement

The Answers You Need

Creating volume

Having fuller, yet soft and bouncy lips is one way of creating a more sultry and beautiful appearance. It adds greater glamour to your appearance and gives an overall more healthy look

The Natural Ageing Affect

As we age our lips thin due to a decrease in collagen production. Whilst we can try and optimise collagen reproduction through a rich and varied diet it does not always improve the look of the lips. Adding more volume to thinning lips is a simple way to reverse the signs of ageing and whilst sometimes it does not have to be a glaringly noticeable change, the overall look of the face will be more youthful.

Boosting Confidence

Many people are self conscious about their smile, specifically if it looks 'gummy'and causes the top lip to disappear. Adding lip fillers to plump up the lips mitigates this and gives many women more confidence in their smile.


Profile balancing is the key to getting a more aesthetically pleasing look. On consultation we advise based on your profile to ensure that your lips will be well suited to your face. Many people who have never considered lip augmentation have decided for it based on profile balancing recommendations.

Choose Contour Couture, choose non-permanent, high quality natural fillers from Cheltenham's leading filler aesthetic specialists.

We require a 20% deposit at the time of booking to secure your appointment, payable online.


Cancellation needs a minimum of 1 weeks notice and deposits are non-refundable after this time.

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