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What are the different styles of Lip Filler?

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There are basically 2 Lip Filler styles: 
Russian and Classic

Russian Lips 
The Russian technique is a group of techniques that basically achieve height on a lip. This means the pink of the lip is raised higher on the top lip and gives the illusion shortening the philtrum. Equally the bottom lip drops lower giving a deeper ‘v’ shaped curve toward the chin. The key difference with this technique is that it keeps the lips pretty flat from the side and so, you get more of a Bratz doll effect.

Classic Lips
The classic lip shape is used to create a heart shaped lip. Classic lips have a full cupid's bow tapering out the edges and maintain a nice and full shape centrally in both upper and lower lip. They also give good projection from the side, making the lips look juicy and hydrated. The classic lip really does give you a fuller bodied look and gives that all over plumped effect.

Which lip filler style should you go for?



For some faces this technique is absolutely perfect. For instance, if you've got really petite features the last thing you want is really projected lips because even if the lips in isolation don't look ducky the whole effect would look disproportionate. It works really well for people who have a longer philtrum or very thin top lip as it provides that needed height to achieve facial harmony*



The classic lip shape really suits certain types of faces. For example, if your side profile is quite strong with projection from your nose and chin, generally you would require your lips to have a level of projection so that they are in harmony with the rest of your face.

russian portrait.png

*Typically, Russian works best on virgin or unfilled lips so that previous filler does not get in the way of the lifting of the lips. It is possible if there is minimal filler but we normally find that, if this is the shape you are after and you currently have existing filler in your lips, we would recommend dissolving the existing filler and starting again.


How much lip filler do I need?


First time: 1ml lip filler is usually the right amount of dermal filler for your lips. The only exception to this is if you have exceptionally thin lips then we may recommend 0.5ml lip filler but this is the exception rather than the rule.  We don't recommend more than 1ml even if you are looking to go big because it runs the risk of migrating outside of the lip line which is not a good look - if you want to go big, we recommend building up over time as this always gives the best lip filler results - we see so many customers who come to us for corrective treatments that have had too much lip filler in one go. Russian comes as 1ml as standard.

If in doubt, book 1ml lip filler injections - we can always change it after your consultation on the day

What to expect post treatment

Immediately post injection you are likely to experience swelling. This is likely to be within the body of the lip as well as around the boarder, due to the inflammatory response from the needle. Swelling often becomes worse before it improves so over the next 24 hours clients are likely to experience not only visibly larger lips but also some puffiness around the site, asymmetry and disproportionate ratio between the top and bottom lip, whereby the top lip often swells more due to more injection sites. 48-52 hours post injection this will dramatically improve however the lips won’t be fully settled for around 2 weeks post injection.


Pricing - Lip fillers

      0.5ml            1ml           Russian     

        £145            £185        £200           



Other 1ml Lip Filler Pricing:

 '3x Friends' £150 ea

'Bring you Bestie' £165 ea


This is a package price for 1ml lip filler each for 3 friends or 2 friends coming at the same time.

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Interest-Free Payment Plan


We are able to provide an interest-free payment plan through Laybuy, subject to approval, on any of our services.

Payments are spread equally over 6 weeks with the first payment on the day of the treatment.

Your Laybuy account must be set up and approved prior to your appointment.

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