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Bringing Fat Dissolving to Bristol City Centre and Taunton Town Centre Clinics

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Finally, life is getting back on track, we're able to do more than sit around watching Netflix, stuck in lockdown over the last few months. We've not been that great at following our diets, home workouts have been great but no substitute for the gym and we've found that we have a few of those stubborn fatty areas which we all know are a real pain to get rid of.

Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel, Here at Contoure Couture, Bristol City Centre& Taunton Town Centre, we're extending our popular dermal filler services and introducing fat dissolving injections. What are the fat dissolving injections that I can get in Bristol I hear you ask? Well, it's a truly groundbreaking new beauty treatment, Aqualyx - it is a compound injected directly into specific parts of the body, working to dissolve fat cells in the affected area. It achieves this with a special chemical that separates the fat from the other molecules in that area of the body and breaking them down into tiny particles that are then naturally flushed out. Although it may sound like a complex process, fat dissolving injections are incredibly safe and fast-working; typically taking just 4 - 6 weeks to see a substantial difference to the area treated. Are fat dissolving injections just for the stomach? One of the most common areas of our bodies we all tend to have issues with are our stomachs, so it’s no surprise that Aqualyx is generally considered a quick and easy way to finally achieve that flat stomach we all strive to possess. However, here at Contour Couture, we have found that the most common area treated for both male and female customers is under the chin - yes fat-dissolving will get rid of those dreaded double chins which no one likes and everyone struggles to get rid of. In addition to the stomach and chin, fat dissolving injections can be used across a number of different areas. Some of these are outlined below:

  • Love handles

  • Chin

  • Flanks and waist

  • Inner/outer thighs

  • Underarms/armpits

  • Under-bra area

  • Arms

And can even be used to define our abs - showing off our six-packs! So, whilst there may be a lot of pressure on us all to get back into shape after the lockdown as quickly as possible - making big and difficult lifestyle changes in order to exercise more, eat more healthily, and generally get fitter - becoming the very best version of ourselves; feeling more comfortable within our own skin, and allowing ourselves to really flourish, doesn’t have to be difficult in order to be life-changing. Aqualyx provides us with a way to simply re-sculpt and re-define areas of our body where we feel we need a little bit of help to get looking as incredible as the rest. It’s about just ‘melting away’ those stubborn little areas of fat that won’t go away through diet or exercise and ensuring we start the post lockdown feeling as beautiful as we look. If you’d like more information about fat dissolving injections in our Bristol and Taunton clinic, please click here or to book your treatment, click here.

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