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PRP ‘Vampire Facials’ … are they as scary as they sound?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

One of the fantastic anti-ageing treatments we provide at Contour Couture, PRP Facials aka Vampire facials, are having a real moment in the media at the moment thanks to the likes of the Kardashians who have been showcasing the treatment on their stories. Whilst people have heard of it there are still quite a lot of misconceptions about the treatment which we come across regularly, so to help you out we’re giving you the full guide on the treatment including the most common questions we get.

What does it actually do and will it benefit me?

The biggest attraction for PRP 'vampire' facials are the anti-ageing qualities of the skin regeneration as this combats signs such as fine lines, dull complexion and thinning, non bouncy skin. However, the benefits stretch way beyond that and the treatment is exceptionally popular with people with any form of scarring, large open pores, rosacea, blemishes and chloasma to name a few. Even without any major underlying issues the treatment leaves you with a new, radiant and refreshed complexion.

Will you pour my blood over my face?

This is the most common question we get and with this being at the top of most people’s minds, no wonder there are people who are nervous about it. During the treatment we do take a small amount of your blood but we do not rub the ‘red blood’ over your face. After we take the blood we separate it using a centrifuge and this causes the red blood cells to separate from the plasma. The plasma itself is pretty colourless (in the test tube it looks straw coloured) and on the skin it just looks like a clear serum. We take the rich platelet plasma from the plasma, as this is the part that contains all the fantastic growth factors and this is what we rub into your skin.

The reason why in the images you see red blood on the face is due to the microneedling.

What is the microneedling for and why may it cause bleeding?

Before we rub the rich plasma onto your face, we microneedle your face for two reasons.

  1. Microneedling (also referred to as derma-rollering or derma-pen treatment) is a popular stand alone treatment which regenerates collagen production and skin renewal. We use a derma pen to microneedle the face and what this does is it creates tiny channels and wounds on the surface of the skin which starts a natural healing cascade. A healing cascade is the body’s natural reaction to skin wounding is – it heals that area by creating new skin. The wounds are so tiny and superficial that they do not cause any issues other than some light bleeding at times.

  2. Microneedling also makes the skin more porous so it enables the rich plasma to skin right into the skin to accelerate this skin regeneration.

In the media (and on the Kardashians) they shows quite severe microneedling, which is why there is a lot of blood. This is from using quite deep needles. In our experience (supported by a lot of training) there is actually no additional benefit to using needles that large on the face - it doesn't promote better skin, it just hurts... quite a lot. Which is why we don't do it.

Does it hurt?

We numb the face with anaesthetic prior to the microneedling so that the treatment doesn’t cause discomfort. We use relatively short needs (0.5mm) so the only areas that may feel sensitive with this size microneedle may be ‘boney’ areas such as the forehead and temples, also near the side of the eyes.

What is the plasma like on my skin?

We get this question is all colours like does it smell (the answer is no), will it make my skin yellow (also no), is it sticky (not really). The best way to describe the feeling of the plasma on the skin is that it makes it feel tight, like having a face mask on, or (if you’ve every experienced it) like having egg white on your face.

How long do I need to keep it on for?

We recommend to keep the plasma on over night, or if you can’t manage that then for at least 8 hours.

And I’ll start looking amazing the next day?

Sometimes yes, but mostly no. The majority of clients experience mild redness to the skin for a couple of days after the treatment, like very light sunburn. The skin will also tend to go quite dry as it is regenerating and hence shedding the old top layer. For this reason we recommend that if you have a special occasion to book the treatment for at least a week beforehand.

What are the risks?

Any treatment using needles will carry its risks but the great news with PRP 'vampire' facials is that the risks are minimal. This is because the facial uses your own natural growth factors so it is not possible for you to have an adverse reaction to it. The main risks come down to hygiene (ensuring all needles are brand new and unused) and safe venepuncture.

How many treatments will I need?

We tend to find that clients who have specific skin issues such as acne scarring will need 3 sessions, a month apart then annually to maintain the effects. However, clients looking for generally rejuvenation will see benefits from 1-2 facials a year.

How much does it cost and where can I get it done?

For one off treatments, we charge £175 however, we do offer a package of 3 for £480 if booked in advance. We carry out these treatments in our main salon in Garsdon, which is a few minutes from Malmesbury and approximately 15 minutes from West Swindon. You can book your treatments online at

If you wish to see other anti-ageing treatments we do, these can be seen at

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